RefuseNY is an accessible, concise introduction to the problems facing public education in New York as a result of the Regents Reform Agenda.

RefuseNY was created to bring together various advocacy efforts from around the state into one location. It cannot, and was not created to replace these sources. Its goal is to strengthen these groups by bringing more people to them.

Please join a group organized by the most dedicated and informed members in your region to keep up with the latest developments. Share this site with friends and neighbors who may be unaware of the threats to public education and the negative effect it is having on our children.

Visit the “Helpful Resources” for more in depth information on topics ranging from the Common Core, High-Stakes Testing, Data Sharing, and Teacher Evaluation.

We hope you find the site useful and inspiring. Stay active. Stay strong. Progress has been made. Together we’ll succeed.

To refuse is to protect!

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Our Children. Their future.