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Who Backs CCSS Support?

Mercedes Schneider is one of the best bloggers out there following the money that supports Common Core. See one of her latest blogs here.

What is best for our children is not best for the corporations that support CCSS. A corporation’s main concerns are profits and pleasing shareholders. At best their interest in our children is as a work force. Since most jobs available are low wage jobs, and the corporations know they’ll have enough new workers to fill their few highly coveted high-wage jobs from elite private schools and our wealthier public school districts, it’s fair to question what do they really want for everyone else?

Cracks in the foundation?

This past week, State┬áSenators told Commissioner King to fix it or they will, the assembly minority unveiled their own “Apple Plan”, the state’s teachers’ union declared “no confidence” in the Commissioner, and what was once a grass roots opposition movement of parent groups now has many jumping on the bandwagon trying to capitalize on the botched implementation of the Common Core in NY.

We need to make sure that real changes are made and not temporary, election-year concessions or empty promises. Keep the pressure on. Keep making phone calls. Keep writing letters.

Call it a movement!

Every movement has leaders and followers. The leaders shape the vision, organize, and inspire. The followers give the movement strength.

Thank you to all the parents, principals, superintendents, teachers, and students who have been speaking out against harmful education reforms in NY state.

Some of the many leaders can be found at the “Helpful Resources” section of Many more leaders can be found at the “Latest News by Region” section. If you have a group that has not been included, please let us know.

Join a group in your area to help make this movement even stronger.

To Refuse is to Protect.

The over reliance on high-stakes testing and data collection is hurting our children today. It will hurt our democracy tomorrow. Education is a human right that needs to be preserved. It is the responsibility of a free and just society. To refuse is to protect: our children, their future.

Thank you for visiting refuseNY and the refuseNY blog.